September 15, 2018

Bookecess @ Tamarind Square

Went to BookXcess and a pleasant surprised by beautiful greenery community mall at Tamarind Square Cyberjaya.

Love the architecture of this place, surrounding by plants and good spacing among shops, offices and Soho. If any company have a share work space here, I am so gonna come in 🤭

Like the concept of 24hours bookstore ( I am surely not the type gonna come during midnight 😄) but too bad no Chinese books.

While clearing my bookshelf and desk, was telling myself no more books, go e- but...

Can you imagine those books all putting their hands up and yelling... "me, buy me! Hey look here, I am better! Yuhoo... I am the one! Yo yo.... over here, you need me! ....."😂

And the price is calling too "I am RM17.90 only! Me RM19.90 from RM107.90! Look, I am RM24.90 from RM189!" 😂

And my eyes joined the party.... "Master, read books ler, your eyesight very poor now, screen bad for you." Then nose said... "ya, book is not only for read, smell the tree, feel the fresh!" Hands said..."Yes! Feel it, touch them!" 😆

Don't tell me how many trees give way to books, at least the books not gonna chock or suffocate me like plastic.

#以上纯属娱乐虚构_那些书眼睛鼻子手都没喊_当然你们也知道 😄

September 14, 2018


Knowing my visit, the rain came and left its moment behind.


September 13, 2018


我问为什么呢? 一个说,那你可以有个依靠。哦,怎么靠呢? 她: 有人可以分担呀,至少经济上有人靠。 哦。。。。那看来我是应该找钱而不是找个男人,因为万一定了下来, 他很尊重的坚持让我保持经济很独立呢?😅

另一个也是跟我说找个伴呗,以后老了万一有个三长两短病了,有人照顾。我被惊吓之余回答,万一是他病了而不是我呢?😮 她: 哎哟,你爱他当然照顾他无所谓啊。。。 我: 。。。你这话说的,找个可有可无的伴和找个万一他病了,值的我照顾的人到老是两码子事哦。


#女人啊,本就有着 #遇刚则坚_遇柔则顺 的本事 :) 几时想显个坚强时,来个"我没事儿!",几时想显个柔弱时,流两滴泪或哭成河都行 。



September 12, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians

看了最近火红的那套"疯狂的有钱华人",实说。。。真看不出有什么深度可言, 除了打着好莱坞华人电影的锣锣,一部再一次证明多媒体市场的推广功不可没。从期待到观后,纯粹以支持好莱坞华人电影为支点。

昨天看到一位博士级的培训师列这位必看电影,因为有深度。。。有三秒的愧疚,怀疑了自己是否对这部戏太刻薄而忽略了它的深度。再用三分钟playback, 找不到。(有那个能够给我个灯泡照明吗?)

有一场面非常可取,证明了我一直以来的观点 😁 儿子啊,真的不必对他太好,无论如何,有了女友老婆以后,妈妈会退居第二 (幸运的话,如果他没养狗或还没孩子 😅)。有儿子的妈妈,这是一个很重要的忠告, 看好哦。。。只要对他的女友老婆好,那你的儿子还是你的 😂😂😂



September 04, 2018

Peace Within

Seek your peace within because there is where you own it, not depending on others, places or things.



September 03, 2018

Do Not Be Afraid!

Sometimes it takes all wrong to see right.
Sometimes it takes a destruct to rebuild.
Sometimes it takes a hit bottom to rebound.

Do not be afraid, trust the universal law, if your time is not ready to go 6ft down, all comes down will go up.

Keep going.

June 30, 2017

Hello July!

July: TQ for calling July, what can we do for you? 😊
Me: Hello, July.
July: Yes, this is July. what can I do for you?
Me:  Do you do delivery?
July: Certainly we are! What do you like to have?
Me: I would like to make order for the whole month. Can I?
July: Sure! Is our 1st day, warehouse  is now loaded 😃
Me: Great! Please send me a dozen of surprise, 31 good days, 31 sweet dreams, 15 laughter days, 20mins moody moments, 5 ROFLOL moments, 31 safe days, 31 healthy semangat days, 5 guilt free makan days...that's all. 😛
July: Great choices! We have all of it!
Me: wait.... make it 100 sets please.
July: many? Can you finish all by yourself?
Me: duh...not all for myself ler, ordering for my family and some friends too.
July: I see.. ok, give you a quatity discount of 100%, here is a surprise free for you 😉
Me: O...Wow...TQ 😍
July: Most welcome! TQ for your early order. Delivery on the way. Do email us the recipients and addresses of where you want to deliver for the rest of your 99 orders 😊 Our email address is You may add on your list in the email. We will make it up. TQ for calling July! Have an Awesome July ahead!
Me: TQ July! Looking forward for your delivery ❤❤❤

*Guess what I added in my email to July...
15 night of rains, a dive trip, 4 hikings, 20 walkajogs, 4 trainings, 8 ageLOC orders. 1000 smiles 😉


June 13, 2017

ageLOC Before After

I think this is the best "before-after" ever!
Dunno why, I just love this😂😄😉😁

Good commercial kan? 😂



June 12, 2017

Sweet Yummy Chinese Desserts

After the heartache RM30 roasted goose drumstick, luckily we had this famous authentic handmade Chinese desserts balanced up our mood. the location is just a stone's throw from Chen Chen Roasted Goose. A must try if you are visiting Kuala Lumpur 😊

Reasonable price, smooth texture and YUMMY!

Almond paste - RM4.50
Peanut / Sesame paste - RM3.30
Egg custard - RM3

* by the way, this shop has many funny name stalls... 忘不了(forget not), 容易记(easily remember). And the dessert stall clearly stated 不好吃,不收钱 (no need to pay if taste not good) 😂


Here is the price chart for all the diff type of desserts available.

Chen Chen Roasted Goose

With mom strolling old KL Jalan Pasar, went to area where dad had morning market selling.

美景 Loh mee shop was closed and saw Chen Chen Roasted goose, can't recall when was my last visit (20years ago? maybe...more) so we ended here.

Ordered a goose drumstick and roasted pork. Taste is good, tender and juicy.

Asked for the bill, RM45 in total for 2. We were a little shocked at the price for a hawker stall by the roadside. Goose drumstick is RM30 😲 Whole toasted goose is asking for RM200 - RM220. (Obviously we are not goose kakis, not aware that market price for goose can be so high 😛)

Guess this meal will last me for another 20 years to be back.


My RM30 Roasted Goose Drumstick. 

June 11, 2017


Given my new Ah Zi an orientation, getting to know each other better 😉


June 10, 2017

Time To Say Goodbye

Not excited at all having my new when a must to farewell to my old buddy... grateful for all those miles we've gone thru ❤





June 09, 2017



去过Raju吃早餐的都知道,与陌生人同桌是免不了的。今早隔壁坐着三个三十多的嬲年轻人。没刻意去听邻桌的交谈, 可两男应该是想争取女生好感吧, 声量让我没办法╮(╯_╰)╭不听到。

还在想怎么男生可以高分贝到这程度, 讲话拿来喊。就在这时。。。
男一 : 那个蓝冷。。。蓝子酱酱酱。。。那个女的还可以, 我挺喜欢她, 做事真不错。。。那个蓝的就不行。。。
(Lan...nan 变 lan... 想想也对呗 😝)

接下来,来了! 差点把吃进口的roti canai 喷回出来。。。
男二 :那个女的啊。。哎哟,真的不行啊。。。她肥哦,样子又看不下喔。。。哎哟。。。"好彩"做事ok啦。

发现全程没有"女一:" 吗?因为都是两个蓝的在说鸟话。。。




May 31, 2017

My ageLOC World

Often I get compliments of my skin, I think age helps I get older, this compliments seem getting more 😅 should I be happy or not...I wonder...

Like to share my ageLOC timeline.

2010 - ageLOC Galvanic Face Spa (prior was using non ageloc series, with new ageLOC spa gel, I can't leave without this beauty genie twice a week now  😍)

2011 - ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa (firming and detox for my body, the result so obvious even after week of daily 5mins...on my tummy)

2015 - ageLOC R2 (which I didn't felt much at then, must be my energy was still good:p but last month I started consume again, must be the combine of ageLOC YouSpan and Nutriol hair... I realized my forehead hair line growing more black hair, I stopped!!! coz I want my white 😂)

2016 - ageLOC TR90 (exercise & diet played an important part, is weight management not weight loss. So din work well on me coz I didn't managed my e&d well 😁 if you thinking to start, think twice...if you are not ready to sweat and eat cleaner, don't waste your money)

2016 - ageLOC YouSpan (I can't leave without it! Why? Because my skin texture improved so much! My flaky dry legs and crack heels gone too)

2017 - ageLOC ME (after a month used, all I can say is I am feeling my skin like a baby again ;) )
Didn't realize I am a ageLOC ambassador d ^^

PM me if you are interested on ageLOC to the ambassador - that's ME :D


May 29, 2017

Best 404 Page!

Why Sir Richard Branson is always my idol in pursuing entrepreneurship. He just has so much fun in his business breaking the so-call "norm" in business.

While searching for his article, found an error page and wola.. roflol...(I don't think I can go as far as him 😂)

He definitely earn my respect. Success is knowing what you do and adding fun in it not only for yourself but for others too.


May 28, 2017


After years...this is still one of my fav book about selling physcology.

Often I shared with friends. If you want to take up psychology, get into sales, if you want to master it, join insurance or network marketing.

Selling makes you understand others, rejections make you understand yourself.

"In sales, you have good days and bad days. The trick is to convince yourself every morning that it's going to be a good day." - Harvey Mackay


May 27, 2017



May 02, 2017

Happiness & Sufferring

Happiness is lighter than a feather,
no one can grasp it.
Suffering is heavier than the earth,
no one can let it go.
~ Chuang Tzu ~

*extracted from Moments of Mindfulness - The wisdom of Asia.


April 28, 2017

Rainy Day

On this rainy day,
when the traffic is bad,
the motorists are hiding under the bridge,
some are riding under the rain,
raindrops are throwing marbles on their faces,
maybe some are rushing for a delivery,
a delivery to avoid complaint of late service,
my windscreen wipers are working hard clearing my vision,
I turn off my bachata music,
so I can listen to the pouring rhythm,
this is the best I can do,
sharing the same weather with them.

April 27, 2017