June 30, 2017

Hello July!

July: TQ for calling July, what can we do for you? 😊
Me: Hello, July.
July: Yes, this is July. what can I do for you?
Me:  Do you do delivery?
July: Certainly we are! What do you like to have?
Me: I would like to make order for the whole month. Can I?
July: Sure! Is our 1st day, warehouse  is now loaded 😃
Me: Great! Please send me a dozen of surprise, 31 good days, 31 sweet dreams, 15 laughter days, 20mins moody moments, 5 ROFLOL moments, 31 safe days, 31 healthy semangat days, 5 guilt free makan days...that's all. 😛
July: Great choices! We have all of it!
Me: wait.... make it 100 sets please.
July: auh...so many? Can you finish all by yourself?
Me: duh...not all for myself ler, ordering for my family and some friends too.
July: I see.. ok, give you a quatity discount of 100%, here is a surprise free for you 😉
Me: O...Wow...TQ 😍
July: Most welcome! TQ for your early order. Delivery on the way. Do email us the recipients and addresses of where you want to deliver for the rest of your 99 orders 😊 Our email address is July2017@Happylife.com. You may add on your list in the email. We will make it up. TQ for calling July! Have an Awesome July ahead!
Me: TQ July! Looking forward for your delivery ❤❤❤

*Guess what I added in my email to July...
15 night of rains, a dive trip, 4 hikings, 20 walkajogs, 4 trainings, 8 ageLOC orders. 1000 smiles 😉


June 13, 2017

ageLOC Before After

I think this is the best "before-after" ever!
Dunno why, I just love this😂😄😉😁

Good commercial kan? 😂



June 12, 2017

Sweet Yummy Chinese Desserts

After the heartache RM30 roasted goose drumstick, luckily we had this famous authentic handmade Chinese desserts balanced up our mood. the location is just a stone's throw from Chen Chen Roasted Goose. A must try if you are visiting Kuala Lumpur 😊

Reasonable price, smooth texture and YUMMY!

Almond paste - RM4.50
Peanut / Sesame paste - RM3.30
Egg custard - RM3

* by the way, this shop has many funny name stalls... 忘不了(forget not), 容易记(easily remember). And the dessert stall clearly stated 不好吃,不收钱 (no need to pay if taste not good) 😂


Here is the price chart for all the diff type of desserts available.

Chen Chen Roasted Goose

With mom strolling old KL Jalan Pasar, went to area where dad had morning market selling.

美景 Loh mee shop was closed and saw Chen Chen Roasted goose, can't recall when was my last visit (20years ago? maybe...more) so we ended here.

Ordered a goose drumstick and roasted pork. Taste is good, tender and juicy.

Asked for the bill, RM45 in total for 2. We were a little shocked at the price for a hawker stall by the roadside. Goose drumstick is RM30 😲 Whole toasted goose is asking for RM200 - RM220. (Obviously we are not goose kakis, not aware that market price for goose can be so high 😛)

Guess this meal will last me for another 20 years to be back.


My RM30 Roasted Goose Drumstick. 

June 11, 2017


Given my new Ah Zi an orientation, getting to know each other better 😉


June 10, 2017

Time To Say Goodbye

Not excited at all having my new when a must to farewell to my old buddy... grateful for all those miles we've gone thru ❤





June 09, 2017



去过Raju吃早餐的都知道,与陌生人同桌是免不了的。今早隔壁坐着三个三十多的嬲年轻人。没刻意去听邻桌的交谈, 可两男应该是想争取女生好感吧, 声量让我没办法╮(╯_╰)╭不听到。

还在想怎么男生可以高分贝到这程度, 讲话拿来喊。就在这时。。。
男一 : 那个蓝冷。。。蓝子酱酱酱。。。那个女的还可以, 我挺喜欢她, 做事真不错。。。那个蓝的就不行。。。
(Lan...nan 变 lan... 想想也对呗 😝)

接下来,来了! 差点把吃进口的roti canai 喷回出来。。。
男二 :那个女的啊。。哎哟,真的不行啊。。。她肥哦,样子又看不下喔。。。哎哟。。。"好彩"做事ok啦。

发现全程没有"女一:" 吗?因为都是两个蓝的在说鸟话。。。




May 31, 2017

My ageLOC World

Often I get compliments of my skin, I think age helps too..as I get older, this compliments seem getting more 😅 should I be happy or not...I wonder...

Like to share my ageLOC timeline.

2010 - ageLOC Galvanic Face Spa (prior was using non ageloc series, with new ageLOC spa gel, I can't leave without this beauty genie twice a week now  😍)

2011 - ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa (firming and detox for my body, the result so obvious even after week of daily 5mins...on my tummy)

2015 - ageLOC R2 (which I didn't felt much at then, must be my energy was still good:p but last month I started consume again, must be the combine of ageLOC YouSpan and Nutriol hair... I realized my forehead hair line growing more black hair, I stopped!!! coz I want my white 😂)

2016 - ageLOC TR90 (exercise & diet played an important part, is weight management not weight loss. So din work well on me coz I didn't managed my e&d well 😁 if you thinking to start, think twice...if you are not ready to sweat and eat cleaner, don't waste your money)

2016 - ageLOC YouSpan (I can't leave without it! Why? Because my skin texture improved so much! My flaky dry legs and crack heels gone too)

2017 - ageLOC ME (after a month used, all I can say is I am feeling my skin like a baby again ;) )
Didn't realize I am a ageLOC ambassador d ^^

PM me if you are interested on ageLOC series...talk to the ambassador - that's ME :D


May 29, 2017

Best 404 Page!

Why Sir Richard Branson is always my idol in pursuing entrepreneurship. He just has so much fun in his business breaking the so-call "norm" in business.

While searching for his article, found an error page and wola.. roflol...(I don't think I can go as far as him 😂)

He definitely earn my respect. Success is knowing what you do and adding fun in it not only for yourself but for others too.


May 28, 2017


After years...this is still one of my fav book about selling physcology.

Often I shared with friends. If you want to take up psychology, get into sales, if you want to master it, join insurance or network marketing.

Selling makes you understand others, rejections make you understand yourself.

"In sales, you have good days and bad days. The trick is to convince yourself every morning that it's going to be a good day." - Harvey Mackay


May 27, 2017



May 02, 2017

Happiness & Sufferring

Happiness is lighter than a feather,
no one can grasp it.
Suffering is heavier than the earth,
no one can let it go.
~ Chuang Tzu ~

*extracted from Moments of Mindfulness - The wisdom of Asia.


April 28, 2017

Rainy Day

On this rainy day,
when the traffic is bad,
the motorists are hiding under the bridge,
some are riding under the rain,
raindrops are throwing marbles on their faces,
maybe some are rushing for a delivery,
a delivery to avoid complaint of late service,
my windscreen wipers are working hard clearing my vision,
I turn off my bachata music,
so I can listen to the pouring rhythm,
this is the best I can do,
sharing the same weather with them.

April 27, 2017




April 17, 2017

Bright Road Ahead

Over the weekend, with mom and bro on our way to Kuantan, we were stucked on Karak Highway, the 20mins journey became 2 hours and were moving inch by inch.

Went on Pantai Timur Highway an hour drive, an unforgettable scene right before the rain, the rainbow was ahead right on our way 😍 After so many years of driving, this is the first time I am seeing rainbow right ahead my journey. I think dad knows it was an emotional drive for me, sent a beautiful scene brighten up our way 🌈

Ba miss you...

January 17, 2017








January 14, 2017


好多时候我们都常听说。。。低点见挚友, 高点交面具。

过去也认同这说法,可昨天被那瞬间灵光连接了两点脑细胞(大概估计两点吧,看我也不想脑细胞会用的特多的一个 ;) )


我觉得身边出现脱跑朋友是一件好事,是一个从新检讨自己的机会。真做对了,少一个面具朋友,赚到了;做错了,就领悟到一个改过的机会。可以在你改过后还留下来陪你成长的朋友,就是这一生赚到的挚友了 :) 不是吗? 不管好坏,到后来自己还是赢家。




September 19, 2016

Soul in Seoul - 찜질방 Jjimjilbang Experience

This is an experience you can't miss when visiting Korea. Thanks to the years of Kdrama, set my mind for this a "must visit" ;) 

Thanks to the bunch of 13 tired exhausted bunch trusted me on this (hahaha...surely big part of it coz too late to say no), walked a good long 40mins (I think :p mistaken it will not be too far from Myeongdong because it was just 2 stations away!) The long and sunny walked definitely added on the great experience of it. 

Siloam Sauna located nearby Seoul Station, from Seoul Station with just a few minutes walk. Entrance fee at 10,000 won each from 9am till 5pm. Too bad can't take photo in the bathroom. The experience of walking around the giant bathroom with different shape was definitely a good remembrance ^^ I saw my future in them >< 

Skinny dipped into 42ºC was surely a HOT bath! and a chilled in to 12ºC was truly an unforgettable bath in life. Jjimjilbang is very well equipped. From the difference type of baths, body scrub, sauna room (oxygen, charcoal, ice room -15ºC, Jade and etc), cinema area, hot stone seat, meeting room, gym, game room, hair saloon, nail spa.... you name it and they have it.

As shown in Kdrama, we tried cracked herbal egg on our friend's head, skinny dipped, experienced few hours of Korean. 

행복해요 :)

Inside the Oxygen room :)
Charcoal Room

Salt room
This are just a handful of sauna room

Charcoal ceiling

-15 degree celcius
Ice room

Here comes the herbal egg session.

The wrap was definitely no right but close enough :D 

Nail Spa

6 floors of services, you can imagine how well the facilities can be. 

Siloam Sauna 실로암불가마사우나 49 Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Open 24 hours

September 17, 2016

Soul in Seoul - Gyeongbukgung 경복궁

My second visit after lunch on day 1. When nearing Gyeongbugung, spotted Sejong Center which I watched it before in Running Man ( ;) Impressed with my memory). Nearing Gyeongbukgung, many Hanbok rental shops and nice houses around. Too bad do not have much time, otherwise is a good idea to explore a little more around the area. O ya, passed by the Blue House, had a glimpse of the blue roofing ^^

Gyeongbukgung, or known as Gyeongbuk Palace. It was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty built in 1395. I never expected that I can be so fascinated by visiting palace, guess the details and the richness of the architecture drew me into it.

Yay! Spotted the dragon!

The Richness.


Gyeongbukgung (Gyeongbuk Palace) 景富宫
161 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Website : http://www.royalpalace.go.kr/html/eng/main/main.jsp

Closed on Tuesday